"Thank you for your incredible job of communicating
the importance of teamwork at our Acura TL launch"

Shyra Eichhorn, MAP Manufacturing
Honda of America MFG., Inc.

Treat Your Guests to an Evening of
Astonishment and Laughter


Click here to request a free copy of Slicer's 16 preview video highlighing his after-dinner stage show and reception entertainment.

Slicer’s sophisticated wizardry and wit combine to create an audience-pleasing show that’s ideal for after-dinner entertainment. Imagine the scene: The servers have cleared the dessert plates, the lights dim, and a hush falls over the guests. Suddenly, a lively big band tune heralds the start of the show. The stage lights fade up, Slicer bursts onto the stage, and the magic and laughter begin. After an eye-popping “where did that come from” appearance, the show moves immediately into audience participation mode. A borrowed $100 bill is “accidentally” burned by an unwitting participant in a test of her hidden psychic abilities. A fistful of salt vanishes and then reappears all while under the watchful eye of another on stage helper. In a hilarious “audience sees what the participant doesn’t” routine, another guest helps dispel the theory that the closer you sit to the magician, the easier it is to see how the magic is accomplished. By the end of the show, the audience is overflowing with laughter, energy, and astonishment. Moreover, Slicer can close the show by magically communicating any theme or message that is part of your event . You simply provide him with the information, and he does the rest.

The show is flexible and can run from a short 25 minutes up to its full 54 minutes. The material is clean so as never to offend, and he always treats his participants with the highest respect.